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The Antioquia Science and Technology Center - CTA, has more than 27 years creating solutions based on the transformation of knowledge, into tools that generate sustainable, economic and social development in the territories creating value to organizations.

The Eco Products and Eco services Latin American Fair, was born from the interest of the CTA and the Medellin City hall to replicate the experience of the EPIF (Eco Product International Fair), which has been carried out in the Asian Pacific region for 10 years, as a mechanism of the Asian Productivity Organization - APO to promote sustainable productivity in its 20 member countries.

All of this is possible under the Understanding Memorandum that the APO and the CTA signed in December 2015, which includes cooperation and knowledge exchange, in order to promote better productivity practices in companies.


FLEP will be the main Latin American showcase for the promotion of eco-products and eco-services.

FLEP will be the ideal place for the outreach of initiatives that foster production, responsible consumption and, at the same time, show an effective contribution to the care of the environment.

Commercial Exhibition

There will be 60 stands with the main brands that promote eco-products and eco-services in construction, agro-industry, apparel, transportation, energy, tourism, decoration, consulting, recycling, among others.

The exhibition is aimed at entrepreneurs, traders, investors, product developers, researchers and the community in general that has an interest in everything related to responsible production and consumption.

Academic Event

It seeks to update and generate knowledge that contribute to the productivity of the organizations and the improvement of the quality of life of people from the promotion of knowledge around the product´s life cycle; seeking to raise awareness regarding responsible production and consumption.

Topics: Eco design, eco innovation, green stamps, circular economics, Green productivity, life cycle assessment, eco marketing, sustainable procurement (ISO 20400), among others.

The event is aimed at the personnel that design, manage, operate and market eco products and eco services in small, medium and large companies, as well as professionals in related areas interested in these issues.


The “FLEP” will recognize the efforts of companies and designers of eco-products and eco-services, that minimize the impact on the environment, that are efficient in the use of resources, generate positive economic results and prove to be an effective mechanism to strengthen a responsible production and consumption culture.


These areas seek to create experiential experiences that show the importance of aligning production with responsible consumption and, at the same time, contribute to the creation of a culture for sustainability. We will have a space called "24 hours of Eco-life" and another called "Eco-Kids" so that adults, children and young people have a true eco-experience.

In addition to this, we will have a space called "Eco solutions academy - company" where those products and sustainable services will be promoted for the different needs of the market and the territories that are born from the articulation between knowledge companies and institutions.


Sustainable production increases net profits in economic activities by the reduction of the use of resources, reusing, reducing waste and pollution throughout the product life cycle, while also achieving a better quality of life for consumers, and at the same time contributing to the improvement of the environment.

Consumer habits are changing. Sustainable products make a positive difference in the market of a generation that feels the responsibility of taking care of the environment and society.